26 Truza

by Faxotxoal



Written & Composed by B. Cespedes between the time period of October 17, 2011 and January 23, 2012. Published December 15, 2015.


released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Faxotxoal Harrisonburg, Virginia

No sampling. No forgery. No pseudo-artistry. Naturally. You've been warned: originally.

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Track Name: A Field Of Wizards
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Do doo doo doo do doo
The sensation of
Powers of the men
Who lay in cloaks

Don't you feel the
movements of their hands?
They're all the earth's friends...


They rip..
..into...another dimension...

It's out of comprehension...
Track Name: Only The Lord Judges Me Accordingly
Perhaps I was blind to the facts
Stabbed in the back...
I couldn't trust my own men
just a bunch of betrayers

Will I succeed?
Paranoid from the weed?

...and "witchcraft" is made
to help me maintain my focus
but I can't see
The merit in my mind
I'm a blind man...

Imagining the ways
I'll be imprisoned
For what I've done today...

Now there's war:
Is it a crime?
To fight for
What is mine?

Everyone's now ceased,
Tell me what's the use
Of completing
These tasks again

Oh my lord,
Tell me what I'm living for?
Everybody is dropping dead and
Knocking on heavens door
And all my memories
Of seeing fellow brothers bleed
And everybody grieves
But still nobody sees!
Track Name: Amateur
He's an amateur
Ready to take the skies
He's an amateur
Don't be fooled he's no surprise

He's exceptional
He's better than a professional
He's an amateur

Baby don't be surprised
When he takes us all
Leaping into the sky
His dreams are so
vivid and so alive
He's exceptional
Transforms you in the blink of an eye

Hating reality is a torment-full sin
Retaliates like a hot arid desert
A metaphysical mirage of lush fresh waters will hit you
And only to end up
with a mouthful of
punishing sand

(FXTXL chant)
Track Name: Lift
When time slips away
You scurry back and
Try to grab it again

Things dont work like that
What you've learned...
What you've learned...

There's no time to be
Of what you
Might say!

There can't be (a) whole dream
That you can't see
Listen up
I'm talking to you

You're not wearing this headset (playing this tune)
For no damn reason
You set these on
Every night
It makes you feel
Home and...all right

Lift your heart towards
The heavens
Six billion others do it
daily too...
You don't have to be ashamed

If there was a clock that
would let us know when we end
We'd probably be