Verbotenen Dschungel

by Faxotxoal



released July 1, 2015

Written by B. Cespedes



all rights reserved


Faxotxoal Harrisonburg, Virginia

No sampling. No forgery. No pseudo-artistry. Naturally. You've been warned: originally.

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Track Name: If Wisdom Ever Truly Existed
As I fell through the chasm,
I heard no chatter
My survival had come to a game of chess
Or even better, checkers.
No; chess.
Simpy because I felt
I was in checkmate...

My cheeks were pale
My feet smelled...cheesy
The things I cherished
Were no longer easy
To access things that are pleasing
As I sat down in an area so chilly
The chiffon I wore
I named it...Willy.

Lurking through the darkness
I discovered a chest
It was full of cheddar
Money, I guess...
I found a bottle
It's colour, chartreuse
And in form of chastity,
Thru its taste I was induced.

Rolling around in my own insanity
Thinking I was smart.
Chauvinism is what hit me,
As my world was torn apart.
Track Name: Cobweb Ventura
Stuck in the cobweb of the
Things you don't understand

Things you don't

We've made way for the things we want
We push away the things we doubt
The air we breath we keep around
So many things to be found tell me your name you stranger
Let's hold hands and find some danger
Don't let it phase you
(phase you, phase you)

Surely you'll get in trouble
once in a while
Be Sure I'll Save ya (saved you)
don't let it phase you (phase you)

[The Fondling Of Fermenting Figurettes]

Did you ever see trouble like this?
Its' not the same as before..
You've opened a way to brand new door
Now don't you be afraid
I'm guessing that you haven't been around this
kind of a boy
He'll adore from head to toe
But before that can happen.. you must be friends!
Then a tie grows that nevers ends!

Well do ya?
Do you want to know
The things you don't understand?
Do you want to know why you're not in command?
Do you want to know why you've got to work with your hands?

Stuck in the cobweb of the
Things you don't understand!

Things you don't