Pagan Properties on Truza 25 (Parts 1​-​4)

by Faxotxoal



A four section suite single serving as the introduction to The Exercise Of Justice & Sincerity.


(i -

The things in your life
You caress every night
I don't see the care
Are you quite scared?

I use this analogy
For the children
Who swim in the sea

Me... a real... need
Love... and caressing

It's your love that needs the blessing!
For you
Pass those times; indigesting!

And you ask yourself
How can you be alone at a time like that?

(Conclusion sector)

All the memories fading back
Assembled off a dusty rack

Now why dont you hold my hand
And bury me in the sand?

Conscience awakes
Do you remember that night
Where you made the mistake
Of kicking me out,
On a hour so late?

I pity the fool, who does not see the rules!

(ii -


(iii -

Last night I had a dream

This dream I had last night

Involved humanity

It was a sad sad sight

The people of the world

Had forgotten how to fight

(iiii -




released November 1, 2012
Written by B. Cespedes



all rights reserved


Faxotxoal Harrisonburg, Virginia

No sampling. No forgery. No pseudo-artistry. Naturally. You've been warned: originally.

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